PTFE Coated Fiberglass Belts

LENO Belts

Today, we carry experience in manufacturing special grades of PTFE Coated Glass Fabrics and a wide variety of intrinsically engineered conveyor belts. Surely there is a belt for your specific and demanding requirement.

PTFE Coated Glass Fabrics used to make Conveyor Belts possess excellent non-stick and high tensile properties. They are non-toxic, non-wettable, and immune to fungus and hence are highly recommended for applications in the food industry. These belts operate in temperatures ranging from -200˚C to +280˚C. Unsurpassed dielectric properties, make our belts the only suitable choice for use in Micro-wave ovens.

Sealed or sewn edges safeguards and protects both the edges of the belt during operation preventing the edges of the belt from fraying.

Belts can be supplied with tracking devices like Guiding Buttons or Kevlar Profile on one or both edges. Such tracking devices prolong belt life by preventing edge damage caused by incorrect tracking.

  • Conveyor belts for baking & food processing
  • Microwave cooking
  • Confectionery conveying – chocolates, biscuits etc.
  • Belts for packaging equipments
  • Soap Industry
  • Shrink – wrap tunnel belts
  • Fuse pressing belts used in apparel production
  • Collar-fusing and cuff-fusing
  • Infra-red curing of printed materials
  • Relaxed dryer
  • Compacting machine in knitting
  • Rotary printing machine
  • Belts to carry through UV Curing ovens
  • Continuous casting of polyurethane
  • Belts for re-soldering and ink drying on PCB
  • Rubber extrusion – Rubber foam processing
  • Photo print drying
Product Code Thickness
in mm ± 0.02mm
Weight gsm
± 0.10 %
Breaking Strength
kg/2.54cm ± 10%
Warp Weft
(Cream / Black)
0.13 250 65 65
(Cream / Black)
0.18 250 65 65
10NP (Black / Brown) 0.25 520 100 90
14NP (Black / Brown) 0.35 650 150 110
(Kevlar / Black)
0.41 650 125 220
22 NP 0.65 1000 130 120
28 NP 0.90 1200 140 130