Sewing / PTFE Thread

Sewing ThreadsLEO technical textile, manufactures and supply the ptfe coated fiberglass sewing thread. The ptfe and fiberglass, both material consist of remarkable physical and chemical properties. So this thread also made strong and chemical resistant textile sewing thread.

The ptfe coated fiberglass sewing thread is made from the combination of these two materials. We manufacture and supply the sewing thread since many years and have experience and expertise of doing so. We have been able to provide excellent product range due to controlled manufacturing process and quality.

We make ptfe fiberglass textile sewing thread from continuous E filament yarns. The fiberglass is totally encapsulated with the ptfe material, resulted in smooth and flexible fiberglass yarn that is of high demanded in the industry. This thread contains high resistance to the contaminants, acids and alkalis. This type of threads made highly efficient and give best performance at high temperature. There is high demand of the thread in the manufacturing of safety spray shields, gaskets, heat shields etc. The ptfe coated fiberglass sewing thread has proven its best performance in which continuous flexing and bending is required.

The ptfe coated sewing thread is least expensive and high temperature threads. It is most suitable to its static application.


  • Good sew ability.
  • High chemical and temperature resistance.
  • Smooth and flexible.
  • Resistance against contaminants.


  • kiln seals
  • insulation jackets
  • shields of safety spray
  • high temperature gaskets and sleeves
  • welding blankets