PTFE (PTFE ) Coated Fabric and Tapes

PTFE (PTFE ) Coated Fabric and Tapes

The inception of the company, leo technical textile was in the year2003. Our motto is the best quality with an economic price. We have gained a chance to serve the industry for more than two decades. We have proud to take that challenge of standard production with superior quality. We are committed to the competitive prices of the product.

The ptfe is anti-friction, non-toxic, non-stick, non-wetting and non- flammable, self lubricating, resistant to atmospheric condition, resistant to fungus and resistant to all chemicals. It has good thermal properties, efficient applicable at the temperature 200°c to 350°c. It can be applied for waterproofing, antiseptic and an ideal warping for the electrical devices.

The ptfe is such a magic material that suits most for the coating of the various items. We offer a wide range of ptfe coated products like ptfe coated glass fabric in rolls, sheets, discs, belts, threads, tapes, laminates etc.

The ptfe coated fiberglass tape is manufactured with latest technology and our skilled and experienced engineers. Constant supervision and update of the manufacturing and quality control process resulted in premium quality of the product. Our product has its demand in various industries.

  • The conveyor belt for biscuits, powder and food stuff.
  • The conveyor belt for biscuits, powder and food stuff.
  • Fish freezing
  • Milk, ghee and dairy products
  • In food industry

Easy release surface for Adhesives, Paints, Varnishes, Resins, etc

Quality Thicknees in mm ± 0.03mm In gsm ± 10% Tensile strength in kg 1”x4”
warp weft
5NP ADH 0.13 325 50 50
6NP ADH 0.18 335 50 50
10NP ADH 0.25 570 80 70