PTFE (PTFE ) Coated Fabric


The fiber glass fabrics is being preferable by our valuable customer, we have been listed in topmost manufacturer, supplier and exporter of India.

Polytetrafluoroethylene is the most applicable polymer among all plastic. The ptfe is very popular for its physical and chemical properties. The ptfe is non-wetting, non-flammable, non-brittle, non-toxic, anti friction, resistant to many atmospheric conditions etc. it contains good electrical properties. It has wide working temperature range of-200° c to 350° c.

On the other hand the fiberglass is also the material having remarkable physical, chemical, electrical and thermal properties. It has high tensile strength, electric and sound insulation, low elongation, high temperature resistance.

The fabric made from these both materials, are naturally good and most suitable raw material for the quality product. The fabric woven from these two main material, contains all useful properties of both material. The fiber glass fabrics are made from the continuous filament yarn. The fabric contains electric and sound insulation, high tensile strength, low elongation and high temperature resistance.

  • Odorless and tasteless, used in bakery and packing
  • In food drying
  • In food processing because of its hygienic, washable and corrosion resistant.
  • It allows passing the chemical powder form when processing and packaging.
  • Highest thermal conductivity make it ideal for collar and cuff fusing in garment

Technical Specification:

Quality Thicknees in mm ± 0.03mm In Gsm ± 10% Tensile strength in kg 1”x4”
Warp Weft
3NP Porous 0.09 75 25 20
5NP EG Plain 0.12 240 45 45
5NP Plain 0.13 245 50 50
6NP Plain 0.18 270 45 45
10NP Plain 0.25 515 80 70
14NP Plain 0.35 645 125 125
22NP Plain 0.65 990 130 120
28NP Plain 0.90 1170 140 130