LENO Belts

PTFE belts and Teflon® conveyor belts are so preferable by the clients. We manufacture and supply these belts. We also provide and export the same and also the ptfe belts.

The leno belt is the conveyor belt. The two or more pulleys are bound by the conveyor belt. It’s a continuous rotating loop rotates around pulleys. The conveyor belts are mainly used to transform the material from one end of the place to another end. The ptfe coated fiberglass fabrics made conveyor belts are proven long lasting, suitable belts for the application.

This fabric is a matrix of the two material, ptfe and fiber glass. The fabric contains all good remarkable properties of these two materials. The fabric is mainly used in manufacturing of the conveyor belt; possess high tensile strength and non-stick property. This conveyor belts perform good even at high temperature from - 200° c to + 280° c. The sealed edges are remaining protected from fraying during the operation. They are widely used in food industry, because of the properties like non-toxic, non-wettable, immune to fungus etc.

  • In food industry
  • The conveyor belt for biscuits, powder and food stuff.
  • Fish freezing
  • Milk, ghee and dairy products
  • Microwave cooking
  • Belts to carry through UV curing ovens
  • In relaxed dryer
  • Infra-red curing of printed materials
  • Collar-fusing and cuff-fusing
  • Soap industries
  • Belts for packaging equipments.
  • In screen printing

Easy release surface for Adhesives, Paints, Varnishes, Resins, etc

Product Code Thickness
in mm ± 0.02mm
Weight Gsm
± 0.10 %
Breaking strength<
kg/2.54cm ± 10%
Warp Weft
4x4 LENO (Black) 0.91 465 100 90
4x4 LENO (Brown) (Single Weft) 0.91 445 100 90
4x4 LENO (Brown) (Double Weft) 1.10 550 90 150