Section Warping Machine

Section Warping MachineWe have a strong Beaming section specially designed for fiber glass yarn preparing heavy beams of coarse counts with 500 mm [20”] or 700mm [28”] beam flange dia and upto 120” width of machine. The beaming section consists of two adjustable heavy duty beam carriages, beam drive, chain & sprockets, traverse shaft beam doffing & donning mechanism safety bar with electrical switch and push buttons for operations and guide roll for warp sheet. Beam is driven by duplex chain and sprockets from the electrical motor through the shaft and clutch arrangement. The beaming speed is fixed at the rate of 40 meters per minute.

Beaming tension on warp sheet is adjusted as per requirement through the brake bands continuously in contact on warp drum till the beaming operation. Two heavy duty beam carriages fitted with twelve bearings and sliding on two large dia shafts across the beaming section works very smoothly and precisely by the traverse of the shaft. Both the carriages have been provided adaptors to hold the beam with firm locking arrangement.. Auto stop counter meter is provided in beaming section to indicate exact length of warp after beam finish.

Twisting and Doubling Machine

Twisting and Doubling MachineWe have high quality twisting Machines that are known for having simple gearing at gear end and economical and noise free running. , the machine have a capacity of twist up to 2 to 24 strand of yarn with one another to make one pield yarn, this yarn is used for weaving the fabric of fiber glass through process of sectional warping in warp and in rapier machine for weaving in weft.

Coating Tower

Coating TowerOur coating tower is specially design for coating of glass fiber fabric like aluminium filter fabric, PTFE coating , silica coating , rubber coating and various type of coating for fiber glass fabric for flexibility and rigidity, coating tower is working 24 hour for various type treatment, our efforts are that to have as expected fabric from one to last meter without and problem in middle, a fabric without coating is lush and simple which is not workable in high temperature for molten and sealing purpose, after coating the different of material the fabric get strength to resist heat up to 200 to 1100 degree temperature, smoke free coating is also available as per customer requirement.


WeavingWe have a fully automatic rapier loom for weaving a fiber glass fabric , fiber glass fabric is weaves in two type plain either leno as per customer requirement mesh size, plain weave is used for quality filtration above 100 mesh and leno for enough open mesh as per customer production requirement , a leno weave lock yarn in the fabric and give more dimensional stability, we can supply from 49 mesh to 450 mesh as per customer requirement and fabric width from 12 inch to 48 inch as per requirement , heat resist up to 950 degree for molten metal , cut piece and different size are also available as per customer requirement.

PTFE Coated Fiber Glass Thread Machine

PTFE Coated Fiber Glass Thread MachineWe manufacture PTFE coated fiberglass sewing thread of 2 to 14 ply, which is chemical resist and heat resist up to 1000 degree temperature used for stitching molten metal basket and combo bag and various type of funnel, launder shock, jackets and blankets as per customer needs, PTFE coating completely encapsulates the thread, enhancing resistance to build-up of contaminates and repelling attack by most acids and alkalis. Our smooth PTFE coating enhances the flexibility of the fiberglass fabric, making it suitable for many industrial applications and minimizing the tendency to kink, strip-back or break like other very high temperature threads. This is our least expensive high temperature thread and is ideally suited to static applications.

Sewing Machine

Sewing Machine