Fiber Glass Fire Blanket

Fiber Glass Fabrics BlanketAs a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter we have developed best quality range of fiber glass fire blanket. We provide various types of fire blankets. The premium grade raw material is procured from the trustworthy sources. Our dedicated team of expert made quality oriented blenkets ensures safety to the clients. It is quite popular for its durability and efficiency.

Aluminized fire blankets
Fiberglass fire blanket
Hospital thermal blankets
Fiberglass blanket
Welding fire blanket
Thermal blanket

These ranges of blankets are very useful for the covering and protecting for the welding spatters and hospital purpose. We provide the fiberglass blankets, thermal blankets and aluminized blanket are of very useful. The raw materials are procured from the reliable sources of the industries.

Product Specification

  • We have developed various types of blankets, for various industries
  • Light duty welding blankets-minimal spatter, light sparks, welding.
  • Medium duty welding blankets-light slag, sparks, heavier welding
  • Heavy duty welding blankets- heavy sparks, spatter, slag
  • Extreme heavy duty-slag, possibility of the molten metal, very heavy spatter


  • skin friendly
  • durable
  • holds body heat
  • lightweight