Fiber Glass Dust Collector Fabrics

Fiber Glass Dust Collector FabricsWe have added our name in the list of topmost manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the fiber glass dust collector fabric. The fabric has its vast usage in chemical industries, steel industries, textile process house, cement factory, paper and pulp plants etc.

In many industries it is important to retain the expensive powder. The fiber glass dust collector fabric is mainly used in filtration of pollutants. It is an ideal filter media perform at high temperature.


  • High performance, for a long time up to 280° c temperature.
  • Energy saver.
  • High intensity.
  • Steady and non shrinking properties.

Fiber Glass Dust Collector FabricsThe fiber glass dust collector fabrics consist of good mechanical characteristics like thermal resistant, chemical resistant, high tensil strength, corrosion repellent etc. These properties make this fabric an ideal component for the dust collection.

SGT finished: The Combination of the silicon oils, graphite and ptfe is proven better for the glass fibers. This triple finish helps the glass fibers from the abrasion. It is widely used in cement factories and metal foundry applications.

PTFE finished:To prevent the abrasion, the glass fibers are encapsulated with the 15 to 18 percent add-on of .ptfe. This finish is preferred for the utility base load boiler. Ptfe give extra smoothness to the fibers.

Acid Resistant:The glass fibers encapsulated with the graphite, silicone oils and ptfe. These polymers are acid resistant, give the fiber, acid resistance. It is highly demanded in the filtration of the flue gases in industrial utility boilers and acid environment.

TRIPLE FINISH: This is specially developed for the glass fiber fabric for the filtration.