Aluminium Combo Bag


Being one of the leading manufacturer of alluminium filter we offer premium quality alluminium filter combo bag. The quality product has given us the reputation as leading supplier and exporter too.

This filter bag contains the combination of two functions. The bag filters the molten aluminium and distribute evenly on the mould surface. So its called the aluminium combo bag. The combo bag controls the aluminium flow rate. It also changes flow direction. The combo bag is specially woven from high twist yarns. It helps to resist distortion and control the strand diameter.

The bag consists of an open top rectangular box. The type of the yarns varies depending upon the requirement and type of the bag to be made. The open fabric bottom is designed to control the distribution of the molten metal. It also controls the speed of molten metal round the mould.

The combo bag consists of a rectangular box. It has an open top. The weave construction and the type of yarns used are affecting the size of the openings.



  • The bag produces minimal odor when introduce to molten aluminium.
  • When come in contact with molten metal, it produces least smoke.
  • Reduce scrap.
  • Remove oxides
  • The spike racks are eliminated
  • Uniform metal distribution
  • Reduces turbulence.
  • Easy to install


  • Also available in variety of pre-sewn shapes, with or without gaskets or wires. Also available in roll form.
  • Customized weaving available as per need.