Aluminium Fabrics


Aluminium Filter Cloth

Product details of Aluminium Filter Fabric/Cloth:

This fabric has its importance for the filtration of the molten aluminium in various industries. The filter cloth is woven with specific high-twisted yarn and then treated with special technic. The fabric is woven and treated with modern technology. The skilled work force examines evenly for the standard quality of the fabric. Our fabric is popular in the foundry of automobile wheel motorcycle wheel, cylinder piston as well as aluminium alloy parts.

Our experts have helped us to gain reputation to be a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the aluminium filter cloth.

About Products

  • Fiberglass Mesh for Aluminium Filtration (available in roll,sheet,various shapes)
  • The filter fabric is ideal for the best quality of aluminium.casting.
  • It helps in scarp reduction
  • It is heat resistive fabric for casting up to 800° c.
  • It has vast usage in automobile and aluminium alloys parts.
  • The fabric removes the inclusions to improve mechanical properties. It is also use for the good finish of the product.
  • Mesh cloths are available from 50 to 400 meshes width.
  • Also customized on the customer specification and requirement.
  • Available in roll, sheet, various shapes.
  • Cost effective, of high integrity.


  • Aluminium ingots
  • Aluminium conductors and cables
  • Aluminium extrusion
  • motorcycle wheel, cylinder piston, aluminium alloy par

Technical Specification:

25 5x5 Leno 17.17; 64+/-4
36 6x6 Leno 11.57 64+/-4
50 7x7 Leno 07.47 54+/-4
100 10x10 Plain 02.73 42+/-4
200 14x14 Plain 01.72 47+/-4
255 17x15 Plain 01.15 43+/-4
400 20x20 Plain 00.44 27+/-4