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Welcome to LEO Technical Textile

The leo technical textile is one of the leading company in the industry, manufacturing, supplying and exporting vast range of filter fabric. We offer fiberglass filter bags, woven filter bags, dust collector bags and also other products like aluminium filter fabric, ptfe coated fabrics and tapes, high temperature filter bags, woven and non-woven fiberglass.
The company is well known for the precision and accuracy. The products are extensively used and admired by the clients. Being an ISO 9001:2000 company; we make up date ourselves as per the ISO standard. Our motto is to provide a better range of product at an economic price.
As a global manufacturer we keep on improving the quality of the product by adopting latest technologies and advance machineries. We considered as a major supplier of the various types of filter fabric and various ptfe coated filter fabric and smooth finished tapes, belts, blankets, sleeves, gloves, etc.
We serve the various industries like garment, textile, and dairy industries, packing industries etc. for more over a decade.
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PTFE Sewing Threads

LEO technical textile, manufactures and supply the ptfe coated fiberglass sewing thread. The ptfe and fiberglass, both material consist of remarkable physical and chemical properties. So this thread also made strong and chemical resistant textile sewing thread.

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Aluminium Filter Fabric

This fabric has its importance for the filtration of the molten aluminium in various industries. The filter cloth is woven with specific high-twisted yarn and then treated with special technic. The fabric is woven and treated with modern technology.

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Fiberglass Filter Bag

Many types of filter-bags are seen in the market, in various shapes and sizes. We manufacture and supply various types of dust collector filter bags. These filter bags are widely used in many industries like steel, cement, chemical, paper and pulp, coal and coke, textile process house etc.

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PTFE Coated Fabric and Tapes

The inception of the company, leo technical textile was in the year2003. Our motto is the best quality with an economic price. We have gained a chance to serve the industry for more than two decades. WE HAVE PRUOD to take that challenge of standard production with superior quality.

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